The American Revolution

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  • Before The Revolution

    Before The American Revolution, France and Britain went to war over land. Day and Month may be unknown for certain events.
  • Victory

    The French gave up their land east of the Mississippi River and the war was over.
  • Taxes

    A new kind of tax was made since the war was not so easy on Britain. This tax was payed by colonists legal documents, newspaper stamps, pamphlets, and cards.
  • Protest

    The British made more taxes and the colonists were angry, they didn't elect the British as their leaders and thought they couldn't pass more tax laws. This lead to protest and The Boston tea party in 1773.
  • The First Continental Congress

    Colonal leaders met in a gathering they called the First Continental Congress and discussed how to deal with the British.
  • Attack!

    After the British attacked minute men and caused the leaders to have another meeting where they made George Washington the leader of an army.
  • Historic Events

    The leaders decided they wanted to be free and independent, so they decided to make The Declaration of Independence.
  • End of the Revolution

    The revolution ends after so long.
  • Constitution

    Leaders sign the United States Constitution
  • Bill Of Rights

    The Bill of rights was added to the Constitution.