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Technolgical advances in the law department 1950-1999

Timeline created by TSA in Science and Technology
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Download (1) small square First Police Arrest and Warrent Database New Orleans Police Department uses vacuum operated calculator to summeriza the arrest and warrent.
Baton small square The Hand Baton Former marine events the side baton
107490090 small square The National Law Enforcement Telecomunications System A message switching facillity linking all states but Hawaii
1276062945359 hz myalibaba web13 2255 small square Walkie Talkies Go Mainstream in Law Inforcment Portable 2 way radios are used to quickly comminucate in the law enforcment.
Images small square AT&T creates 911 An emergency number to cantact the authorites
Stun gun small square The Stun Gun is Evented Created by NASA resercher Jack Cover
Images (1) small square First Finger Print Reader is installed at FBI Rockwell International installed the first fingerprint reader at the FBI
Images (2) small square Pepper Spray Is Invented Is a chemical compound that irriates the eyes, causes pain, and can cause temporary blindness
Images (3) small square 90% of Police Departments Install Computers are used for criminal investagtion, bugetsing, and dispatch
Images (4) small square Video Surveillance Is adopted by Law Enforcement Citys install cameras to better protect their citizens