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  • Canada Officially Enters the Second World War

    Canada Officially Enters the Second World War
    Britain's declaration of war did not mean Canada was automatically committed, as had been the case in 1914. But the Canadian Government and people were united in support of Britain and France. so on September 10th 1939 Canada declared war on Germany, officially entering World War II.
  • Dieppe Raid

    Dieppe Raid
    by summer of 1942, Canada and Germany had been at war for nearly three years, but Canada's army had hardly seen any action, but they finally got into battle when Lieutenant-General Harry Crerar and other senior Canadian army commanders offered up troops for the Raid. The raid was unsuccessful, when the troops arrived there were 4963 Canadians, around 1000 British troops, and 50 United States Army Rangers, of the 6000+ men involved, 3367 became casualties.
  • Battle of Ortona

    Battle of Ortona
    the Battle of Ortona was a battle that took in Ortona, Italy, fought between two battalions of elite German paratroops and Canadian troops under major general Chris Vokes. It began December 20th and the battle lasted eight days before German troops finally withdrew from the town. The battle cost the Canadians 275 casualties.
  • Operation Diadem

    Operation Diadem
    the objective of Operation Diadem, also referred to as the battle of the Liri Valley in Canada, was to break the German Defenses on the western half of the winter line and open up the Liri Valley, the main route to Rome. Canada and the allied forces involved were successful, the German position collapsed, and the Germans retreated.
  • Normandy Landings (D-Day)

    Normandy Landings (D-Day)
    Normandy Landings, also known as D-Day, is known to be the scene of some of Canada's greatest feats of arms. Canadian soldiers, sailors, and airmen had played a critical role in the invasion in France.
  • Battle of Verrières Ridge

    Battle of Verrières Ridge
    The Battle of Verrières Ridge was a series of engagements fought in western France as part of the Battle Of Normandy. The battle was part of the British and Canadian attempts to break out of Caen. The Allies immediate objective was Verrières Ridge, which was invested by battle-hardened German veterans. Over the course of six days, Canadian and British forces made repeated attempts to cross the ridge. historians estimate around 800 Canadians dead and 2,000 wounded or captured.
  • Siege of Dunkirk

    Siege of Dunkirk
    The Siege of Dunkirk was a military operation that took place in Dunkirk, France, during the second World War. The Battle of Dunkirk was the Defense and evacuation to Britain of British and other allied forces in Europe.
  • Battle of the Scheldt

    Battle of the Scheldt
    The Battle of Scheldt was a military operation in northern Belgium and the southwest Netherlands. the first Canadian army was given the task of clearing the scheldt of German occupiers in September of 1944. this battle had the largest army under a Canadian generals control.
  • Operation Veritable

    Operation Veritable
  • Battle of Groningen

    Battle of Groningen
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    WWII was an important time for Canada because they were being recognized as their own country instead of just being a British colony and Canada was able to show how much they could contribute in war.
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    Invasion of Normandy

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    Battle for Caen