Seans Personal Timeline

Timeline created by smvieira
  • Born

    Check out the hospital i was born ini was born on august 9th, 2000.
  • First Walk

    First Walk
    December is the month i started but the 15th is not right, i just guessed.
  • Hospitalized

    I was trapped in here (Great Care)I was put in the hospital for about a year straight because my asthma was very severe. My mom wasnt sure if i was going to make it.
  • First Vacation

    First Vacation
    I went to Disneyland.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    The school websiteMy first day of school was when i was about to turn 5, i was really scared and i remember crying the whole day.
  • Great Grandma Passed

    Great Grandma Passed
    My great grandmother passed and that becane a huge hit to me. We were extremely close and i couldnt ask for a better person. When she died i remember a hummingbird coming up to me and my grandma and just sitting in front of the window staring...
  • I started youth Football

    I started youth Football
    Go view football websiteI started football and i enjoyed it becuase i was one of the biggest guys.
  • I started soccer

    I started soccer
    I enjoyed playing soccer with my friends from school.
  • I recieved award from Mayor

    I recieved award from Mayor
    I recieved an award from the mayor although i do not remeber his name, i remember the excperience(John Lewis).
  • First Phone

    First Phone
    Go get one nowI got an Iphone 4s on christmas
  • Went to Mexico

    Went to Mexico
    I went to mexico for the first time and i loved it. My uncle is the govener of a country over there so we where treated as royalty. It was during New Years
  • First Love

    First Love
    I meet this person back in 7th grade, we started out as good friends and then we got too close. This person means alot to me and i love this person with all my heart.
  • Favorite Birthday

    Favorite Birthday
    I went to California with my mom and friends and explored evrywhere
  • First Day of High School

    First Day of High School
    Look at their amazing websiteI started High school which was the biggest scare of my life(wasnt that bad).
  • Long Vacation

    Long Vacation
    I spent my Christmas break in California at Disneyland, Universal studios, Sea world, and also the beach(meet Jimmy Fallon)