Quintana vocabulary timeline

Timeline created by HannahQ16
  • Submurged

    The haunting of Derek Stone- ghost road By Tony Abbot "The phantom floated half-submerged in the tank." (Abbot 141 Cause to be under water
  • Nuisance

    Blindsided-Priscilla Cummings
    A Real Nuisance Chapter 1 pg 3
    Something that is annoying or inconvenient.
  • Dignified

    Blindsided- Priscilla Cummings
    "We will have dignified names for our halls." pg 41
    showing a serious manner.
  • chuckled

    Blindsided-Priscilla Cummings
    "some of the kids chuckled again."pg 50 A quiet laugh
  • Impediments

    Blindsided- Priscilla Cummings "Admit impediments. Love is not love."(cumming #46) An obstruction in doing something
  • penatrated

    Rough Wave-Jennifer Donnelly
    "Only a thin ray of light, shinning in through a crack above her penetrated the gloom."(#15)
    To force through
  • Mournful

    Rough Wave-Jennifer donnelly
    "A current mournful and low, swept through it."(#3)
    Feeling sad.
  • particuarly

    Coranline-Neil Gaiman
    "She pulled out a particularly large and black beetle,"( Gaiman P79)
    different than others.
  • Exclusion

    Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul-Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Kimberly Kirberger
    "To the exclusion of everyone else."(#8)
    Not letting people participate
  • Cluster

    Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul-(multiple authors) "Jon was standing in a cluster of people." A group of similar things or people standing close together.
  • Semester

    Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul-Multiple Authors "I explained the previous semester."(#135)
    A half year term.
  • indomitable

    Chicken Soup for the Soul pg 213-251 Chicken Soup for the Soul-Multiple authors
    "Behind his strong spirit lay an indomitable will forged by faith."(250)
    impossible or defeat
  • unconditional

    Chicken Soup for the Soul pg 261-282 " " " " "- multiple authors pg-281 "They gave me unconditional love."
    not subjected to any conditions
  • Passages

    The Watsons go to Birmingham pg (28)
    "Mr. Alums would like you to read a few passages of Langston Hughes." A process of moving through.
  • banned

    The watsons go to birmingham 41- 90 " " " " "
    "You've been banned from ever looking at matches, remember?" (Christofer Paul Curtis 90)
    officially prohibited.
  • Suggested

    Crandalls' Castle Betty Ren Write (pg 9-48)
    " 'make some hills around the lake' I suggested"(Write 45)
    put forward an idea
  • Exclaimed

    Crandalls' Castle- Betty Ren Wright " 'But there really is a ghost!' Charli exclaimed"(Wright 108)
    cry out suddently
  • Loomed

    Crandals Castle pg 120-168 "Dan loomed in the kitchen doorway"(write 165)
    appear as a shadowy form
  • Jarring

    Hex Hall pg 85-150
    "the effect was still jarring"(Hawkins 148)
    to be surprised. Or hear something in a shocking way
  • camaraderie

    Hex Hall-Rachel Hawkins 179-279
    "The camaraderie we had shared during cellar duty had evaporated."(hawkins 278)
    trust and friendship between people you spend a lot of time with
  • Trepidation

    The Maze Runner pg 14-29
    "Thomas felt one final moment of trepidation,"
    a feeling of fear or agitation
  • Despite

    The Maze Runner pg 40-199
    "Despite wanting answers, Thomas was ready to get away from the slammer." (Dashner 198)
    Without being affected
  • Protruding

    Hex Hall pg 13-78
    "Their bodies actually jolted and started spinning on their nooses, their faces purple, tongues protruding from their swollen lips."(Hawkins 77)
  • lacy

    The watsons go to birmingham 115-186 "She had on a lacy white hat and lacy white socks."(curtus 180)
    trimmed with lace
  • ajar

    The Maze Runner pg 206-272
    "...huddled just outside the steel door, still ajar..."
    slightly open
  • Starkly

    The Maze Runner pg 289-331
    "he'd never seen terror present itself so starkly."
    in a way that is severe or harsh
  • Willpower

    The Maze Runner pg 346- The Scorch Trials pg 127 "Then, with every last bit of willpower, he forms the words and throws them at her."
    restrain impulses
  • Immune

    The Scorch Trials pg 171-The Death Cure pg 11
    "...Your'e immune to the flare."(Dashner 10)
    resistant to an infection
  • Pinged

    The Death Cure pg 40-87
    "Bullets pinged against the metal walls."
    cause to make sound
  • Graffiti

    The Death Cure pg 96-116
    "...but most of them were covered with graffiti."
    wrtiting on a public building.