Pope John XXIII

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  • Birth

    Born to a family of sharecroppers, Roncalli was raised in the town of Sotto il Monte in Bergamo.
  • Relationship with Jews

    During the years of WWII, he transferred to Istanbul and helped Jews in Hungary and other countries to get false certificates allowing them to escape the Holocaust.
  • Transfer

    Transferred to Istanbul, and served as an apostolic delegate to Turkey and Greece, improving relations with muslims
  • Cardinal

    Roncalli became cardinal and was named patriarch of Venice. He was than elected the highest seat in the Vatican 5 years later.
  • Elected

    Pope John XXIII was elected on 28 October 1958 at the age of 76
  • Reformation, Vatican II

    Pope John's biggest contribution to the Roman Catholic Church was summoning the first ecumenical (all denominations) cycle in over a 100 years
  • Vatican reformations

    removal of the three ills of the church:
    – triumphalism – belief that the Catholic Church alone held the truth
    – clericalism – the emphasis on clergy and exclusion of laity
    – juridicism – legalism to the detriment of people
    renewed study of the Bible
    revision of church teachings in some areas
    renewed role for the laity
    relationship of the Catholic Church to other churches and religious traditions
    church services to be conducted in local languages (the vernacular).
  • Healing of Sister Caterina

    A nun from "Sister of Caterina Capitani, was miraculously healed by Pope John XXIII
  • Period: to


    Served as a Medical Sergeant during World War One
  • Period: to

    Vatican II

    The council over the span of four sessions between 1962 and 1965, produced 16 documents which were considered as the foundations of today's churches and the way they are run.