personal timeline

Timeline created by Beautifulsnowpea
  • Born

    I was born on April 4,1998
  • Sister

    My sister Christine was born.
  • Started Kindergarten

    Started Kindergarten
    KindergartenI started kindergarten at the age of 5. I attened Gilbert Elemantry, my teacher was Mrs.Maher.
  • Cousin comes to live with us

    Cousin comes to live with us
    foster care Cousin lived with us for 4 years.
  • Fear Factor birhtday

    Fear Factor birhtday
    my fear factor birthday party had kids throwing up in my back yard.
  • book competition

    book competition
    I was on a bool reading team with my friends.
  • Choir

    concert first year in choir.
  • Hula performance

    Hula performance
    HULA DANCING performed at cafe night for choir.
  • 8th grade graduation party

    8th grade graduation party
    where we partied partied with my friends for a day.
  • Started High School

    Started High School
    HIGH SCHOOL!! Go to school at Mesquite.
  • First high school play

    First high school play
    I was a choir girl in the play.
  • Intermediate dance

    Intermediate dance
    DANCE I auditioned for a higher class and was accepted.
  • Sweet sixteen

    Sweet sixteen
    On my sixteenth birthday I was sick and couldnt go to school.
  • Nose piercing

    Nose piercing
    where i got my nose done I got my first none ear piercing done. My first none ear piercing.