Palmer C. Hayden

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  • Born

    Born in Widewater, Virginia
  • Army

    He enlists in the U.S Army 24th infantry regiment an all African-American company
  • Re- enlisted

    He later re- enlists and is posted at West Point ,NY where hell becomes a cadet and takes care and trains the horses there
  • Name change

    Born with his real name Peyton Cole Hedgeman he dicided to change his name legally to Palmer C. Hayden.
  • Summer

    Palmer worked during the summer of 1925 and 1926 in Boothbay Harbor, Maine , spent the drawing fishing boats, sailing boats and seascapes
  • Cooper Union

    He met Pérard at the cooper union.Hayden had the good fortune of being able to study with Pérard at Cooper Union and traveled to Maine to the Boothbay Art Colony in 1925 for formal instruction.
  • The Harmon foundation

    The Harmon foundation
    In 1926 he won the gold medal in visual arts from the Harmon Foundation. From the award he also earned $400. ( The Harmon Foundation recognized achievement to the African-American in fields such as : edu, industry, literature, music, science and race relation)
  • Paris 1927- 1932

    Paris 1927- 1932
    With the $400 he earned from his award he went to Paris. He spent his time in Paris where he talked to other artist who also moved to Paris. Henry Ossawa Tanher and Hale Woodruff were some of them. While there he painted a well known water color " Nous Quate à paris" which means "we four in Paris
  • Iconic art

    Iconic art
    it captured the African American identity . Fétiche et Fleurs won the Rockefeller prize at the 1933 Harmon Foundation exhibit in New York.
  • Back to the U.S 1934/35

    He later went to the U.S and began working for the WPA Federal Art Project
  • New painting

    New painting
    He put out a new painting called" Midsummer Night In Harlem" he used oil painting
  • Marriage

    He went to New York 3 three years later he married Miriam Huff. His first and only wife.
  • New painting

    New painting
    " The janitor who paints" was another painting that he painted
  • John henry

    Palmer began working on his notes ballad of John Henry a series of 12 paintings that occupied for 10 yrs
  • Death

    He then died while in NY,NY at the age of 83
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