my life

Timeline created by leticia.tejeda
  • my birth place

    my birth place was in Bryan Texas.
  • when my brother was born

    my brother was born on April 21 i have always wanted a little brother when i was little
  • my first day of school

    i was in mrs. banks class and mrs. standfelds class when i first started school.
  • 2nd grade

    my second grade year i had Mrs. Roberson so was nice and i kinda liked her class .
  • my 3rd grade year

    i was in miss.sanders class in 3rd grade .
  • my10th birthday

    my 10th birthday was fun with all my friends :) .
  • when my little fav cousin was born

    i see my little cousin as my baby sister cause i have always wanted a little sister
  • first time i met "sister"

    i first met my so called sister which is jaycie in 5th grade in miss.Sanders class .
  • my 5th grade year

    i liked 5th grade and i also liked my teachers
  • my first time i met jasmine

    i met jasmine in 6th grade i remember me and her didn't like each other at first but now we do ;) .
  • my first time meeting Fabiola

    i met fabs in 6th grade also she would always be so quite so we all just stared talking to her
  • my first time coming to the jr high .

    i was scared to come to the jr high
  • 7th grade

    7th grade was OK it wasn't the best school year.
  • summer 2k16

    summer was fun last year with all my friends and i also had ffun with them cant wait for this year summer.
  • my 14th birthday

    i enjoined having all my best of friends coming to celebrate my birthday with me and having lots of fun !!!
  • dance competition

    competition was fun because i had all my friends in my dance team .
  • my bsf

    my first time meeting my bestfriend was in 6th grade and we are still bsf now .
  • 4th grade

    4th grade was okay i liked all my teachers that year
  • first time going to the Houston rodeo

    i went to the rodeo with all my family