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    world history book chapter 17 P.Gs 382-383
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    He loved music and he was a gifted poet and his biography was consider one of the greatest works of Turkish literature.He took on army that was ten times the amount of his own army
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    Akbar the great (Akbar the second)

    under this king ruler ship he has conquer the most of northeastern Indiana. he has made the Mughals has built a large and very powerful empire and at this time of the empire is the best time for them
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    the end of the empire (Dan Dan Dan) :-(

    they had good rulers and awesome building and one of the richest empires but as all the other empires they have to come tho a end at some point in time. the stared of the declines of the empire when they abandoned the policies of tolerance, then taxed was raised and the rebellions stared