Major events on sexism

Timeline created by Angemar
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline NOW Organization begins Narional Organization for Women was established
Timeline How "good girls" fight back Nora Ephron sued News Week magazine because females would get payed less then they should due to their gender and because News week magazine also thought that females weren't capable of writing goog articles
Timeline NOMAS begins The National organizaton for men against sexismwas established to prevent sexism in work places and for men who were discriminated because of their gender or who are against sexism.
Timeline Community center's gone wrong A group of female workers in one of Oakand's community center because they would have to clean the dirtiest places and most of the time do the mens work.
Timeline Wal-Mart on the hook for sexism A female worker in Walmart was getting harassed by a couple of the male workers because they didn't want her working the same position as them.