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  • Birth and childhood

    Birth and childhood
    Her real name is Madonna Louise Ciccone and she was born in Michigan in August 16, 1958. She is the daughter of Madonna Louise Fortin and Silvio Ciccone, an italian inmigrant. She has four brother and three sister
  • Moved to New York

    Moved to New York
    In 1976 she moved to New York. Madonna released "Everybody," her debut single, Oct. 6, 1982.
  • "Like a virgin"

    "Like a virgin"
    The year 1984, was a major breakthrough for this artist when her album ‘Like a Virgin’ hit the music stores. This album soon became a huge success and launched Madonna as an international figure. The title track of the album retained the first position on ‘Billboard Chart’ for six weeks.
  • Marriage with Sean Penn

    Marriage with Sean Penn
    She was married to Sean Penn from 1985 until 1989. She married with him on her birthday.
  • ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’

    ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’
    Her first film In 1985, she worked in the film ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ and also lent her voice for the number ‘Into the Groove’ in the film. This song too was a huge hit and registered number one in U.S. dance charts.
  • Her third album, True Blue

     Her third album, True Blue
    True Blue deals with her visions of love, work, dreams as well as disappointments, and was inspired by her then husband Sean Penn, to whom Madonna dedicated the album.
  • She won many grammys

    She won many grammys
    Her seven album "Ray of Light" won many grammys.