Long walk to water JM

Timeline created by danielmoore123
  • The worse

    Salva found his uncle but the worse happen his uncle was shot by the rebels. After that the group hated him, but soon salva reaches a refugee camp and stayed their for 7 years.
  • The begging

    The begging
    Salva village is attcked by the goverment.
  • salvas gets maroon

    Salvas group left him at a farm house near a dinka women house.
  • salva has hope

    The women help salva she gave him food and water and gave him to another group.
  • Salva 's walk.

    Sufring and pain.
  • The rebels

    Salva's new group came incontac with the rebels and the rebels took all the men to fight.
  • During the walk

    Salva started walking with a new group it was a long and hard walk through the grass plains but during his walk he made a friend that ate food with him and also talked together. but one night Salvas find his uncle who gives him hope on finding his family. But the next day his friend get eaten by a lion.
  • Hope

    Its been 2 years and salva and the group made it to a camp that was only hope to 13 year old salva.
  • Bad times

    Salva heard word that the government gave up and fell apart then soon after the owners of the camp turned against the people inside the camp and started to shot everyone.
  • New being

    Salva was running for his life and all the people also running came upon a river full of alligators everyone one was dying than salva swam across and soon after that 500 boys started to walk with him.
  • New

    Salva soon become upon a new camp where he was transfer to america. But he walked for two years with the boys.
  • The camp

    Slava stayed in the refugee camp for seven years during that time Salva made a friend with a medical staff in the camp that tought him to read and write.
  • new being

    Slava new family in america tough him many things about learning.
  • During his time

    Salva was on the computer at his new families house and then he got a email from his cousin and told him that his farther was alive.
  • Nya

    Nya had a job with her family and that was to walk to a water source that was miles away and it took half a day to walk to the water source.
  • Poor water

    As soon as Nya makes it to the water hole she took a drink of the muddy water. She fills the container up with water and heads back home.
  • Sick

    As soon as Nya gets home here family gives the water out. But a couple days after she got the water Nya sister becomes sick and cant move !
  • A visit

    Nya family decides to take Nya's sister to a medical tent just that is about 2 miles away. So here family decides to take Nya's sister to the medical tent.
  • Hope of life

    Once Nya and her family make it to the tent the doctor talk to them and said to boil the water and the also gave Nya's sister medicine to cure the disease.
  • The mistory

    Almost a year later Nya is just sitting around and notice a jeep pulls up with two men who speak a different language but her uncle seems to be making a deal with him.