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  • New born baby

    New born baby
    I was born in first month of the year 2000. I was healthy and fat
  • 1st birthday

    1st birthday
    We celebrated my first birthday with my family and relatives.
  • 1st christmas

    1st christmas
    We celebrated christmas with my family and relatives and we have plenty of foods.
  • 1st new year

    1st new year
    we celebrated my first new year celebration and we used firecrackers and mini handguns for lound sound.
  • 1st day of school

    1st day of school
    I was a kindergarten when I first started in school but got accelerated and became in a preparatory level and graduated in pre-school really quick.
  • School awards

    School awards
    I got my two medals, one is for best in reading, and the other is I forgot what it is.
  • Tooth problem

    Tooth problem
    We were at the grocerie store to shop food and other stuff. My mom was busy browsing stuff while my sister and i were playing. I was chasing her and I didn't notice that thier was a taped wire and I ran over it and I was rolling. I my whole mouth was covered with blood because I bit my lips and my front incisor were cut in half (you can't notice it btw because it got fixed eight years later)
  • Moved to high school

    Moved to high school
    I studied high school in private school as a freshman. One of the worst event of my life
  • Moved up to sophomore

    Moved up to sophomore
    I'm still in the same school studying. one of the worst event of my life
  • Turned into Junior

    Turned into Junior
    Still studying in the same school, I have been bullied a lot worse than ever and because of that I got a medal for best in religion.
  • Stepdad

    Second time my dad visits us and gives us a lot of stuffs.
  • "Were living on a jet plane......."

    "Were living on a jet plane......."
    Everything was set and we came to the airport early but I was suprise that there were many people waiting for their flight and that was our first experience to be inside an airplane. There were food and entertainment inside and we gained an hour in our life. (note that the time here and my country is diff.)
  • Finally got home to our new place

    Finally got home to our new place
    We are living in our new home right now with my new dad, we are so thankful to him.
  • "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bell rocks....."

    "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bell rocks....."
    Our first christmas celebration here in Arizona with my new dad. There were so many gifts lying on the gound beneath the christmas tree.
  • Bye fun, hello homeworks!

    Bye fun, hello homeworks!
    My first day of school was of course hard, new people, new environment, new everything. Good thing that I still lives hehe
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