Lewis and Clark Expedition-Brian Gelpke

Timeline created by BrianGelpke
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  • The Journey Begins

    They started in St. Charles, Missouri. They started up the river on a 55 foot long keelboat. In the first 600 miles they still hadn't met a single native american, and if they did, they were armed for any conflcts.
  • Encounter with Native Americans

    Lewis and Clark encountered Missouri and Oto Natives first. The meeting went well and both parties gave gifts. However, President Jefferson said that the tribe Sioux was the important one to be friendly with. They continued on west and eventually hit the Great Plains.
  • Encounter with the Sioux

    The first encounter with the Siouxs did not go so well. The chief wanted their boat and in return they could pass. Then the Natives became very hostile towards them, and they were ready to fight, but, at the last second they decided not to.
  • Winter is coming

    Lewis and Clark tried to make it as far as possible before the river froze. They made it to the Mandan tribe's villages, the place they wanted to spend the winter. They began to build a fort here and they were running low on food.
  • Winter with the Mandan

    The winter here Lewis and Clark spent writing, repairing, trading and hunting. It was here that they met Sacagewea, her husband and their son. At the end of of the winter that loaded 6 boats and went off down the river again.
  • Grizzly Country

    Indians had warned Lewis and Clark about grizzly bears to the west, but, they did not think much of them. However, one day, the group encountered a pack of them, and the rifle shot only wounded the bear. Lewis ran 80 yards away from the bear, before he had the chance to reload and kill it.
  • Rockie Mountains

    The group continued down the river as usual when all of a sudden one of their boats tipped over. Sacagewea saved many important items from the water. The whole expedition wanted to get to the Rockies very badly, and finally, they reached them.
  • Fork in the river

    The group encountered a fork in the river. They were arguing about which way was the correct way and tried to figure it out. They ended up sending search partied up both ways to try and find the answer, but were unsuccessful.
  • Great Falls

    Lewis was the first ever white man to see the Great Falls. It took 6 months for them to pass the Great Falls, and was the most physically straining part of the trip so far.
  • Shoshone Indians

    For the first time since winter the expedition found a Native American. They asked him to bring them back to his tribe and they did. With incredible luck the chief of the village was actually Sacagewea's brother and helped them get animals. At first the animals were very cheap, but, in some time the price increased greatly.