Japanese-Americans Rights and Responsibilities during World War II

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Images Attack on Pearl Harbor.
Images %281%29 President Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066.
Download %281%29 General Dewitt issues Public Proclamation No. 1 which removes all people with Japanese ancestry.
Timeline President signed Executive Order 9102 which establishes War Relocation Authority.
Internment camps 2 1024x811 First group of Japanese American volunteers arrive at Manzanar, CA.
Timeline First inmates arrive at Minidoka, Idaho.
Download First inmates arrive at Heart Mountain, Wyoming.
Internment camps 1 1024x818 First inmates arrive at Granada, or Amache, Colorado.
Internment camps 5 1013x1024 First inmates arrive at Central Utah, or Topaz.
Images %282%29 First inmates arrive at Rohwer, Arkansas.
Download %282%29 442nd Regimental Combat Team activated and it is completely made up of Japanese Americans.
Timeline Restrictions on preventing on resettlement at the West Coast are removed.
Timeline Pacific War ends.
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All camps closed except for Tule Lake Center.