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In History
  • The 1st permanent settlement in North America

    100 settlers arrive by three ships, Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery.
  • Attack of the Algonquain Native Americans

    Indians are repulsed by the settlers and attack. They capture John Smith and two other colonists.John Smith was spared while the other captives were killed.
  • "Starving time"

    The severe winter of 1609-1910 killed most of Jamestowns colonists.
  • Thomas West De La Warr

    Convinces settlers to stay in Jamestown and is appointed Governor
  • Tobacco cultivation

    John Rolfe introduces a source of livlihood by introducing tobacco
  • Peace between colonists and natives

    Pocahontas marries John Rolfe, assuring peace with Chief Powhatan
  • Indian Massacre of 1622

    Death of 347 colonists. Some say the masacre was revenge. Chief Openchancanough led a surprise attack on the coloniss.