Industrial Revolution: Top 10 Inventions

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The spinning jenny granger Spinning Jenny Spinning Jenny
Invented by:James Hargreaves
The Spinning Jenny is a multi-spindle spinning frame. It reduced the amount of work needed to produce yarn, so not has many workers were needed. The Spinning Jenny also reduced the prices of yarn because they could produce more of it faster.
(January 1 is not the actual day.)
Steam engine Steam Engine Inventor: James Watt
The steam engine was the most important invention of the Industrial Revolution because it was the main reason the Industrail Revolution spread as fast as it did. It powered factories, trains, steamboats, and many more inventions. This invention was the main source of power during this time.
Cotton gin Cotton Gin Inventor: Eli Whitney
The cotton gin takes the cotton and separates the seeds from the cotton. This invention increased slavery and lead to the American Civil War. The cotton gin greatly changed he cotton industry.
Telegraph Telegraph Inventor: Samuel Morse
The telegraph trasmits texts over long distances. This invention carried important messages efficiently, quickly, and it was pretty affordable. They were mainly used for very important buiness dealings.
Sewing machine Sewing Machine Inventor: Elias Howe
The sewing machine helped the manufacturing of of clothing. It also made clothing be made in factories, rather than made by the women at home.
Ice Internal Combustion Engine Inventor: Etienne Lenoir
The internal combustion engine is mainly used in motor vehicles and portable machinery because of its light weight. They used this for basically every machine they had. It was very important to the Industrial Revolution.
Telephone Telephone Inventor: Alexander Graham Bell
The telephone is an invention that allow people to talk between each other over long distances. This invention is still widely used today and has been updated many times since the Industrial Revolution.
Light bulb Light Bulb Inventor: Thomas Eddison
The light bulb was an invention that reolutionized light. It replaced candles and lanterns very quickly. The only thing that you needed for the light bulb to work was electricity, but by this time most homes had a good source of electricity.
Airplane Airplane Inventors: Orville and Wilbur Wright
The airplane started a new wasy of transportation that was way faster and efficient than it had ever been. The airplane lets people travel long distnces very fast and is still being updated today.
Model t Model T Inventor: Henry Ford
The model t and the assembly line made helped people transport easier and faster. Many people were able to afford and travel more efficiently with this invention. This invention is still a big part of today.