How was Gov created

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In History
  • First war to start split from Alaska

    We had a first big war to begin our new nation. It began because people said taxes were to high. This war was fought with only rock, paper scissors.
  • Second war

    This war began because everyone wanted to come into our country. We could not be over run so we had to think of a new plan. This war was fought between us and others coming in. This was fought with only marshmallow launchers.
  • War to expand

    Since so many people wanted to come into the United States of Alyssa,we needed to expand. No one would give up land so we had to fight.
  • Fighting for more land

    We fought with surrounding countries to gain more land. We fought for 5 long months using only paintball guns. Finally we won our land and everything went great.
  • Government crash

    With everyone coming in things started to catch up with the Government. We could no longer afford all the fun stuff we had. We had to come up with a new solution. We had to raise taxes on small and large things.
  • Retaliation

    The people began to retaliate because of raised taxes. People threatened to leave the United States of Alyssa.
  • Save the people

    The government lowers taxes back to regular price and stops buying the lavish things.
  • People trouble

    Every thing was going great until the people decided they wanted the lavish things back.
  • Raised taxes

    Since people fought for the lavish things back then the taxes had to be raised again.