History of Flim

Timeline created by Dreyden Ausfahl
  • The Horse Bet

    THis started film when a bet took place for a 25$ thousand dollars that when a horse runs all its feet come off the ground. they sat up an experiment, and took a bunch of photos simultaneously and came up with a little picture filmm when the pictures went by fast while looking it over
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison the man of the lightbulb, liked the fact that only one person could watching the movie,Him and his company devoloped the peephole kinectiscope theater and made money. the independant watching became a major miscalcualation
  • kenetiscope

    Theators with multiple stands where people would come and stick one eye up to it and watch a film. it was a fast moving images and people would say "lets go see the moving images"
  • Lumbered Brothers

    They made what thomas edison didnt want to release and made the first projector. they called it cinimetographe
  • Short Films

    They started Producing short films from 30-60 seconds and played them on the prjector in little theators.
  • First Narritive Movie

    the great train robbery. it was the longest film in its day lasting 12 minutes. it had 14 scenes but it was huge ack in the day
  • Nicolodean Theaters

    They were attracting 26 million veiwers each week, and doubled that count in five years. they were little theators that would play movies on projectors with rows of seats
  • MPPA

    Led by thomas Edison him and several other companys made a group. thier plan suceeded and it was to, control everyhthing in film, distrubution, and production of raw film stock.
  • Independant Films

    They tried to make movies, but thomas edison, when ever he got a whif of someone making movies would go over and break the equiptment and threaten employees.
  • Los Angelus

    It was the perfect place to film, this place became hollywood. It had perfect weather and it was away from the MPPA. when the mppa would come they would pack and drive to mexico.
  • Stars

    Hollywood had the crazy idea to pay thier actos and make them superstars, there were 2 big ones, Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin, there plan worked and people saw films just to see these actors
  • Charlie Chaplin

    He was the biggest actor in his day staring in many short films, he started making 50 dollars a week, but ended making a million dollars a year. most of his movies where about deep stuff, dictatorships etc.