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  • The Ramo creation

    The Ramo creation
    the marriage of rafeal molano and ana luisa creates in 1950 the RAMO cake where rafael molano begin to sell to his partners of bavaria company where he used to work the cakes that luisa prepares with the original reset of his mother-in-law
  • The RAMO name

    The RAMO name
    Rafael begins to sell their products to the stores but for the product to have more acceptance they decide to sell it chopped so that the cake will not be scattered
    so Ana Luisa tie it with a ribbon of white silk and adorn it with a bouquet of it material
    From there would arise the famous name of the company Ramo
  • Industrial production

    Industrial production
    Thanks to a bank credit, the company Begin the large-scale industrial processes for the manufacture of the branch line and later the gala
  • New production factory

    New production factory
    Ramo grows and opens a factory in Antioquia
  • New production factory

    New production factory
    Due to the increasing demand of its products Rafael had to look for a new land for a production factory the industrial park in Mosquera Cundinamarca
  • The famous CHOCORAMO is born

    The famous CHOCORAMO is born
    It is an important year of launches Achiras, Colaciones and cookies. In addition to the famous and nowadays best sold of the company the chocoramo

    With the need to protect the growth of unstable raw materials
    Rafael creates his poultry farm which today gives them more than 600,000 eggs for the production of their products in addition to producing the concentrate they feed
  • Distribution in tricycles

    Distribution in tricycles
    Rafael, inspired by the tricycles of china, improves them by placing the van in the rear of this form,
    revolutionizing the distribution system in Colombia
  • Opening of a new fabric

    Opening of a new fabric
    Ramo opens its new fabric in the Cauca Valley located in the city of Palmira
  • Buy the mercedes mill

    Buy the mercedes mill
    Because Rafael wants to have a better quality control of the product, he bought the mill which receives the wheat
    processing it specifically to produce the flour of his ponches, biscuits and bread
  • Introduction of new products to the market

    Introduction of new products to the market
    During the first semester they go on sale: gansito de mora, arequipe and chocolate for the second semester come to the market ramitos red fruits, yellow fruits
    Artesanas of whole wheat and whole wheat with natural honey,ramo Cake nut and mini chocoramo
  • Ramo searchs strategic partners to export

    Ramo searchs strategic partners to export
    In 2011 Ramo company already had the formula approved by the FDA to export to the US at that time also thought to export to a Europe market where many Latinos live
    the goal was to export in 5 years the products like chocorramo and gala
  • Chocobrownie is born

    Chocobrownie is born
    Arequipe chocobrownie, vanilla chocobrownie and chocolate chocobrownie are born
  • With Donas Ramo rejuvenates

    With Donas Ramo rejuvenates
    The decision to insert a new product to the market came after a successful pilot test that sold more than two million units.
    In 2015 launch their firsts donas with individual packaging ready to consume in stores
  • Chocorramo in cream

    Chocorramo in cream
    Ramo with its new board of directors which by the way is the third generation of family members
    Wants to introduce to the market innovative products to the Colombians in this case chocorramo in cream wants to make the competition to the famous nutella
  • Platanos ramo

    Platanos ramo
    Arrive to the market to conquer to the Colombians the platanos ramo 100% natural and Colombian
    Due to the great acceptance that the Colombians have towards this product ramo decided to introduce it in the market in 2015
  • First Sales in the United States

    First Sales in the United States
    Ramo heading towards internationalization with their first sales of its products in the United States
    the company has a distributor in Florida and overcome one of its main obstacles the useful life of the product thanks to a freezing process nowcan last up to 6 months
  • Chocorramo arrives in Australia

    Chocorramo arrives in Australia
    Continuing with its expansion and with the help of Procolombia they arrived to austalia
    The business was done with cheeky foods who will be the distributor of chocoramo
    5 tons of chocorramos were sold
  • Ramo wants to export to Europe and Asia

    Ramo wants to export to Europe and Asia
    These two continents are in sight thanks to the potential market they see