Gurule vocabulary timeline

Timeline created by Rainag
  • colonizing

    Jaguar by:thunder cave
    a block of cheddar cheese with spotches of green fuzz colonizing. to settle in great numbers
  • casually

    what hapend in the story is a boy named frank was
  • muttered

    the cat ate my Gymsuit
    paula danziger
    ok give her a chance someone muttered.
    say something in a low or barely audible voice
  • experience

    Title-the cat ate my gymsuit Author-paula danziger line from text-the teacher told us to experience are project. definition-practical contact with and observation of facts or events.
  • quiver

    tittal- esperanza rising
  • permitted

    Esperanza Rising pg 61 - 73
    Mama had never permitted her to take candy from someone es
  • imigrashon

    Esperanza Rising p-1-209
    the glow of the spot light p-1-9
  • declares ( 15)

    declares ( 15)
    the glow of the spotlight- pg 9-15 Respectable career for a young lady her father declares.
  • beforever

    beforever is a amirican doll that you could dress the same as you dress.
  • stage fright

    stage fright
    the glow of the spot light - pg 29 to pg 43 rebecca wanted to dance on stage but she has very bad stage fright but at the same time she dose not want to upset megan. stage fright means to be scard to go on stages in front of thousands of people.
  • puzzeled

    pgs- 46/52 when my mom said to go to the store by ourself rose looked at me with a puzzeled look. puzzeled- means your unabel to understand
  • handkerchiefs

    the glow of the spot light pgs 54-62 definishion- a square a square of cotton or other finely woven material.
  • circumstances

    Raina gurule 83-95 Esperanza must find a way to rise above her difficult circumstances because mama´s life and her own depend on it. a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action.
  • Aguascalientes

    Esperanza Rising 95-103 we carried the cuttings from aguascalientes. A state in central mexico
  • immunized

    esperanza rising pgs 110-120 i knew that i had been naturally immunized to the actual disease by merely living there. make a person or animal immune to infecsion.
  • harvest

    raina gurule pgs 115-125 harvest means to gather a crop as a harvest they work wherever there is something to be harvested
  • obligingly

    the great gilly hopkins pgs 1-5
  • unpleasant

    The great gilly hopkins pgs 3-12 my mom was unpleasant with me when she came in the kitchen. Definition-causing discomfort, unhappiness, or revulsion; disagreeable.
  • occasional

    Raina,pgs 1-17 sentince- william ernest ate silently and steadily with only an occasional glance at gilly. defenition- appearing,or done infrqueantly
  • unsteady

    Raina Gurule pgs-21-35 unsteady- means to fall or shack. as we were on the train to go back home i felt unsteady.
  • unnoticed

    5/19 pgs-35-43 Definition- unnoticed means to not notice something. Gilly hopkins unnoticed the guys take the tresure.
  • forgetfulness

    Raina pgs-40-47 Not in entire forgetfulness and not a utter nackedness Definition- memory lose
  • Period: to


    Esperanza rising-pgs 84-90 part of her liked the sensation but the other part of her felt untethered and frightened. definishon- released or free from a tether.