Goodwill Industries

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  • Date Founded

    Date Founded
    Goodwill Industries was found in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S, 1902 by Rev. Edgar J. Helms, a Methodist minister and early social innovator.
  • National Cooperative Industrial Relief Association

    National Cooperative Industrial Relief Association
    In 1910, Helms established the National Cooperative Industrial Relief Association. This is the charter that Goodwill Industries International, Inc., operates under today.
  • Superintendant

    John P. Hantla Senior deemed superintendent
  • Goodwill camp

    opened outside of New england
  • Son of hantla

    Son of hantla
    John Paul Hantla deemed director of Goodwill.
  • Store Opened

    Store Opened
    1st store opened in Fort Dodge LA.
  • New store opened again

    This time in Yankton,SD
  • Store opened again

    Opened in Mitchell, SD
  • New President

    New President
    John P. Hantla Appointed resident grandson of founder.
  • Youth Build Program

    Youth Build Program
    It started in Sioux City.
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