Federation of Australia

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  • Sydney to Melbourne Rail link

    Sydney to Melbourne Rail link
    A major rail link between Melbourne. So that people and resources could travel this vast distance.
  • Germany annexed New Guinea

    Germany annexed New Guinea
    The colonists in Australia were nervours about the possebility of Germany invading Australia.
  • Sir Hanry Pakes Speach

    Sir Henry Parkes made a stirring speech in favour of the Federation, and all the colonies should work together.
  • a draft was drawn in sydney

    the draft of the Constitution was drawn in 1891 at the National Australasian Convention in Sydney.
  • Hobart

    the people at Premier's conference in Hobart agreed with Corowa conference
  • Bathurst

    at Bathurst a peoples Convention helled and dabated the 1891 draft constitution
  • British Parlaiment Approved the Constitution

    British Parlaiment Approved the Constitution
    The constitution was approved by the British Parliament in July, Western Australia belatedly joined the Federation at the referendum.
  • Period: to

    Federation of Austalia

    The Nation of Australia is proclaimed on the first day of a new century. Edmund Barton is sworn as the nation's first Minister