Federation Of Australia

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In History
  • Sydney Melourne Rail Link Completed

    Sydney Melourne Rail Link Completed
    The Sydney to Melbourne Rail-link was completed and you could now travel from Sydney to Melbourne without swapping trains.
  • Germany Expansion

    Germany Expansion
    Germany expanded to New Guinea gaining a clear path to Australia for an easier takeover. Making British colonists nervous.
  • Sir Henry Parkes's Speech

    Sir Henry Parkes's Speech
    Sir Henry Parkes recites a moving speech in favour of federation at Tenterfield, NSW.
  • federation Conference

    federation Conference
    The Conference met at Melbourne in 1890 and decided on a Constitutional Conference.
  • Constitution is drawn

    Constitution is drawn
    The draft constitution was written during the Australasian Convention in Sydney.
  • A Conference in Corowa

    A Conference in Corowa
    A Conference is held for a Constitution to be discussed by elected representatives of the colonies, including New Zealand.
  • The Premiers Conference

    The Premiers Conference
    The Conference is held and agrees with the Corowa Conference Proposal and a sever drought drains most of Australia.
  • Bathurst Peoples Convention

    Bathurst Peoples Convention
    The Convention debates against the previous draft written in 1891.
  • Australasian Convention

    Australasian Convention
    The Convention draws up another draft when meeting up in Adelaide and Sydney.
  • Melbourne Convention

    Melbourne Convention
    Another Convention decides on the final Constitution and holds a Referendum across the colonies but NSW disagrees.
  • Premier's Conference

    Premier's Conference
    The Conference is held to make changes to make the Constitution more appealing to NSW.
  • Federation Approved

    Federation Approved
    Britain's Governments approve of Federation and Western Australia becomes part of our country.
  • We are Australian

    We are Australian
    We become a nation on the first day of a new century, And we have a prime minister! Say hello Barton..
  • Period: to

    Federation! Yay!

    We are now an official country! Celebrate Australians we are not colonies anymore!