Elvis Presley

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  • Birth

    Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Her mother gives birth to twin sons. The first, Jessie Garon is stillborn. Elvis grow up in a working class family. Elvis loves singing gospel. He also grows up listening to the bluesmen in the neighborhood and country music on the radio.
  • The first guitar

    The first guitar
    Elvis's parents buy him a guitar at the Tupelo Hardware store for his 11 th birthday.
  • Move

    Elvis and his parents move to Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Gift to his mother

    Gift to his mother
    Final exam in L.C. Humes High School, then Elvis starts working as a truck driver. As a gift to his mother, he pays for the recording of the two of his singles at the Memphis Recoding Service on Sun Records
  • The first concerts

    The first concerts
    Record That`s All Right Mama at the Sun Records. Shorly after, the subject is passed on radio. Elvis offers the first concerts
  • Start

    Elvis becomes a star. The biggest American record company , RCA, buys Elvis for 35000 usd.
  • Houng Dog

    Houng Dog
    Seven million people buy RCA's second Elvis album, Hound Dog. Roll your first movie, Love Me Tender. Another 33 are followed by Viva Las Vegas and King Creole
  • Sergeant

    The soldier Presley arrives at the German city of Bremerhaven and is sent to a barracks in Friedberg, in the state of Hesse. In 1960 he returned to the United States as a sergeant.
  • Married and daughter

    Married and daughter
    Elvis marries Priscilla Beaulieu, he had met during his stay in Germany. Just a year after his daughter Lisa Marie was born
  • Elvis dies

    Elvis dies
    Elvis dies at age 42 of a heart attack at his Graceland mansion in Memphis. In 2006, the house is declared a national monument of the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Elvis Presley's tomb every year.