Eleanor Roosevelt Leslie Pena

Timeline created by skirkpatrick
  • Born

    She was born in New York October,11,1884.Her mother was Ann Hall Roosevelt and her father was Elliott Bulloch Roosevelt.
  • Mother Dies

    Mother Dies
    Eleanor's mother died before she was 10. After her mother's death she was sent to live with her grandmother (Mary livingston Ludlow Hall).
  • School

    Eleanor was sent to Allenswood a girls boarding school in England at age 15.
  • School is over

    School is over
    After Eleanor came back from her boarding school (in England) she married Frankline.Delano.Roosevelt.
  • Red Cross

    Red Cross
    Eleanor decided to join the Red Cross in 1912.
  • Women Are Able To Vote

    Women Are Able To Vote
    Women are granted the right to vote ; Eleanor joins the league of women voters.
  • Helping People

    Eleanor helped people when the stock market crashed causing the '' Great Depression '' ,Eleanor helped those people without job.
  • My Day

    My Day
    Eleanor begins to right writing ''My Day ''.
  • Helping The United Nations

    Mrs.Roosevelt begins working with the United Nation and helps write the Decloration of human rights.
  • Eleanor dies

    Eleanor dies
    Eleanor sadly died of aplastic anemia tuberculosis and hear failure at the age of 78.