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Development of biligulism and multilinguilism in Puerto Rico

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Spanish small square Is entered the use of Spanish in first grade for some courses.
Spanish small square Introduced a bill to make the Spanish compulsory as medium of instruction. Introduced a bill to make the Spanish compulsory as medium of instruction.
Newspaper small square Miller Age At Commissioner Miller Age causes great controversy in the English defense and national newspapers asking for his removal. Miller finally leaves the position.
Timeline small square José Padín First to expose English as a foreign language from the educational point of view, and fought to the Spanish as the medium of instruction. Recommended Bilingual Education.
Timeline small square José M. Gallardo Tried to implement a bilingual program but many public protests was not allowed.
Timeline small square Prevail again through sixth grade Spanish and English as a subject continued.
Timeline small square Use the vernacular as the medium of instruction to ninth grade.
Timeline small square Dr. Mariano Villaronga He ended the lengthy discussion of bilingualism decreeing the vernacular(Spanish) at all levels of the public school from school year 1949-1950.
Bilingual small square Bilingual Education Both, the Department of Education with Universities, requesting funds to meet the needs of students returning from the United States and create a program to help them. This program is called “Bilingual Education” and included teaching Spanish, English maintenance and other services.
Bil small square Bilingual Education Congress USA projects authorized bilingual education in PR have the focus to learning Spanish.
Romero small square Carlos Romero Barceló Carlos Romero Barceló under management, bilingual education fails "Program" and transfer their "projects" to the Department of English. He signed the Bilingual Education Certification is not implemented.
Manzana small square Bilingual Education Bilingual education projects are again autonomous and appointing a director to run the program.
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Dr. John Eaton Establish that the teachers of Puerto Rico have to learn English and it will help them to be contract.

Department of Public Instruction changed Policy of teahing Elementary grades will teach all classes in Spanish and English will be a special subject. High School will teach in English and Spanish will be a Special Subject.

Increase the use of English Laguerre Lopez make some projects to increase the use of English in schools with the idea of making it the official language of Puerto Rico schools.

Spanish is deleted Spanish is deleted; English is used as medium of instruction at all levels of the school system.

Spanish or English Was established that the Spanish were the bond of teaching in grades first through fourth and English were used in half of the subjects in the fifth grade and the other half in Spanish.

Jay B. Huyke Jay B. Huyke Commissioner put more emphasis on the use of English in all school areas.

SUCCESS & CEMI Programs are created to meet the educational needs in terms of linguistic limitations