History of Cultural Technologies by Janelle Allysa Wong

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  • 858

    Chinese imperial court announces the invention of paper.

  • 1157

    First paper mills built in Spain.

  • 1501

    First hymn book is printed in Prague.

  • First newspaper is printed in Germany.

  • Samuel F.B. Morse learns of Ampere's idea for electric communication.

  • Morse invents the telegraph and morse code.

  • Morse sends telegraphed message between Baltimore and Washington.

  • Telegraph cables laid under the English Channel.

  • Telegraph cable crossing Atlantic Ocean is laid.

  • J.B. Stearns invents method of duplex telegraphy.

  • Alexander Graham Bell invents and demonstrates telephone.

  • Thomas Edison invents the phonograph.

  • Paul Nipkow develops mechanical television device.

  • Emile Berliner invents gramophone disks.

  • William Dickson, Edison's assistant, invents the kinetoscope.

  • Lumiere Brothers of Paris develop film projector.

  • Poulsen invents telephone.

  • Reginald A. Fessender transmits speech by radio.

  • J. Stuart Blockton creates first animated film.

  • First coast-to-coast telephone conversation in the United States.

  • First commercial radio station, KDKA, begins broadcasting.

  • Vladimir Zworykin invents iconoscope, a workable television camera.

  • German firms develop magnetic tape for sound recordings.

  • Robert Watson-Watt invents radar device.

  • Ampex introduces commercial video recorders.

  • SCORE communication satellite sends signals to Earth.

  • Phillips develops audiotape cassettes.

  • The PDP-8 by DEC is first minicomputer success.

  • First email on the ARPAnet.

  • First personal computers introduced.

  • Steve Wozniak creates the Apple I computer.

  • First laptop computer introduced.

  • Camera phone is invented.

  • Apple's iPhone is introduced.

  • Period:
    3,300 BCE
    3,201 BCE

    Sumerians invent writing from commercial

  • Period:
    1,900 BCE
    1,801 BCE

    Chinese develop writing, perhaps independently

  • Period:
    1,600 BCE
    1,501 BCE

    First alphabetic script, North Semitic, appears in Palestine.