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  • The Birth of the U.S.A.

    The Birth of the U.S.A.
    George Washington created/made the United States of America. We became a state because George Washington wanted a place to settle down after the revolutionary war. Obviously it took place in the United States of America. (
  • The Birth of China

    The Birth of China
    Mao Zedong led China in 1949. He led because they just shooed off nationalists and nobody wanted to take control so he did. The Japanese moved to China because of the Second Cold War and someone moved to Taiwan. It was during the Cold war U.S. vs Russia. (
  • United States and China Trading

    United States and China Trading
    The US and China are both in a lot of debt from importing and exporting each others products. Also Donald Trump is trying to increase the percentage of U.S. Treasury because the leader of China has a very low percentage for that.
  • Today!

    Today the United States and China are for sure frenemies. The U.S. is always handing out treaties and polices just for China doing something wrong. Also when something goes wrong in China the U.S. is having to go fix it like the mutual defense treaty. Also they accepted the open door policy to trade.
  • Vocabulary!

    1 Cornerstone-is an important document. 2 Imperial-is an empire or being royal. 3 Isolationism-cutting yourself from the world or environment. 4 Revolutionary-a new era or change. 5 Nationalist- someone who cheers for your country .
  • Period: to

    The Boxer Rebellion

    After a couple months later the violence was more and more intense. It took place in China while U.S. troops where over there for the Imperial army. China wanted to be able to do martial arts and use other weapons so they wanted to fight back against the Western encroachment.
  • Period: to

    Open Door Policy

    It was used of trading with equal privileges among China and the United States. It received the most universal policy in the United States. It was also a cornerstone for 40 years and for America.
  • Period: to

    Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty

    It prevented the republic of China from taking over Taiwan. The Treaty is designed with 10 articles. Some countries did not face threat but the Asian countries that where in the cold war did. It was also during the cold war.