technology in crime development

Timeline created by tierra stofer
  • technologhy in 1998

    technologhy in 1998
    FBI- The FBI and DNA, Part 1In 1998, the FBI launched the national DNA system(NDIS), along with the Combined DNA index system(CODIS). It is the repository of known offender DNA records.
  • technology in 2002

    Short tandem repeat (STR) markers where used to create a Y-DNA signature (haplotype) and then compare hat Y-DNA signature to others in a database.
  • technology invented in 2001

    The tablet computers was invented in 2001 it is used to help cops with witness statements, file reports, photograph evidence, view area maps, and even sketch crime scene.
  • technology in 2007

    They created an online footwear coding and detection system. This helps police to identify footwear marks quickly.
  • technology in 2008

    scientists visualize fingerprints even after the print has been removed in a crime scene
  • technologhy in 2010

    technologhy in 2010
    The Pentagon researchers are evaluating prototypes of Accelerated Nuclear DNA equipment (ANDE) system which will determine DNA results in 90 minutes.
  • technology invented in 2011

    The GPS vehicle pursuit dart is used to track down fleeing cars in a crime scene
  • technology in 2013

    In 2013 they authorizes the SAFER Act, it was to help cities and states test an estimated 400,000 rape kits lining shelves at police departments across the country.