Timeline created by DeathSkull7777
  • Blepistan Independence

    Blepistan gains independence from Russia
  • Russia invades Blepistan

    Russian forces invade the country of Blepistan to re annex the region into it's empire.
  • Peace treaty signed

    Russia and Blepistan sign a treaty of peace after Russian forces are pushed out of the country in the bloody 6 month long conflict.
  • Market crashes

    Blepstian is now in turmoil with the market crash due to the recent war.
  • Blepistan National Council (BNC) is founded

    Blepistan National Council is founded by veterans of the Russo-Blepistan war in response to the recent war and the current economic crash.
  • BNC official wins major election

    A BNC official takes regional office after a hard fought election in one of the major provinces of Blepistan, this would secure a spot in the political realm of the country for the BNC.
  • Recently elected BNC official dead

    With tensions rising in the country because of the ongoing crash, a BNC official was assassinated along with his security team after the motorcade was ambushed in the city of his regional governor's office.
  • BNC members rally

    With their first elected official dead and an ongoing crash that will never seem to end, BNC members in a number of cities rally demanding a referendum to put their party in power. The rally is quickly put down when government troops open fire on all the crowds.
  • Civil war begins

    A series of coups in cities along the entire country take place with most being successful in the eastern portion of the country by members and supporters of the BNC. This would change Blepistan forever.
  • BNC takes the capital

    After long and bloody battles in the southern portion of the country. BNC forces outnumbering federal troops 3:1 take the capital city after weeks long inner city fighting and raise the new flag on the parliament building.
  • New goverment formed

    The BNC now reigns victories but the country is in ruins. 8 million people are dead in the now 63 million person country. BNC officials announced the formation of a new government and a new era of reconstruction on state radio in the morning of Christmas Day, 2030
  • Period: to

    Russo-Blepistan War

    An all out war between Russia and Blepistan resulting in a Blepistan victory.
  • Period: to

    Economic Crash

    The Russo-Blepistan war took a heavy toll on Blepistan's economy due to the fact that during the war, Blepistan had to rely on buying arms from outside of the country.This was because of the Russian occupation of the eastern portion of the country which contains most of Blepistan's industrial zones. Blepistan's currency inflated nearly 1,000 percent and the country stopped exporting, which in turn caused the unemployment rate to skyrocket to nearly 60%.
  • Period: to

    Blepistan Civil War

    With massive BNC support and a resilient federal government, BNC announced all out war to reshape the country into a utopia. On November 11th, 2029, a near 5,000,000 heavily equipped BNC militia took over nearly half of the entire country, occupying the eastern portion and the government's west. The war would prove costly as both sides would lose men in the thousands with millions of people being displaced. The BNC would prove victorious after they take the capital city on December 25th 2030.