Bastille Concert

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  • Emailed Middle Agent

    ACBU emailed their middle agent to get a list of artists that were in their budget.
  • First Concert Survey Gets Sent Out

    Once their middle agent had given them a list the comittee went through and picked options they felt would do well on campus to put on the survey to send to students before they leave for the summer.
  • Send offers to Artists

    Once the top 3 artist results came back in the survey ACBU worked with their middle agent to send out offers, with budgets, dates, and more.
  • Second Concert Survey Is Sent Out

    ACBU wanted to get more input from the new freshman on campus. They sent out a second survey with more artists for students to vote on.
  • Bastille Offer is sent out

    ACBU's Middle Agent sends an offer to Bastille
  • Bastille Accepted the offer

    Bastille accepted ACBU's offer which allowed them to start planning for their spring concert in April of 2017
  • Marketing Plans

    While ACBU knew who the artist was no one else on campus did. If fact only a select few on ACBU knew all the concert details in order to keep the artist a surprise.The time from when they knew in October until they could announce in January was ACBU planning out what they would do for marketing. This goes until January 15th 2017
  • Bastille Is announced

    Since ACBU was apart of Bastille's world tour they had to wait until the band was going to release their second leg of the tour schedule to the public, before ACBU could announce to campus who the concert was.
  • Marketing Starts

    After ACBU announced the concert they went full force with their marketing efforts. They had t-shirts, snapchat filters, social media posts, scavenger hunts, cookies, and more all leading up to the show. This goes until April 3rd 2017.
  • Day Of Show

    The concert is finally here. ACBU opens doors at 7pm for an 8pm start time.