Amara Lamb

Timeline created by amaralamb
  • Amara's Birthday

    Amara's Birthday
    Amara was born on january 28, 2000 in South Jordan, Utah
  • Moved to oregon

    Moved to oregon
    Moved to Portland, Oregon
  • Brother David was born

    Brother David was born
    Amaras brother david was born in Portland, Oregon on April 16, 2002
  • Minnesota

    Moved to Rochester, Minnesota
  • First trip to disneyland

    First trip to disneyland
    DisneylandWent to disneyland with family for the first time.
  • Brother Lucas was born

    Brother Lucas was born
    Amaras other brother Lucas was born in Rochester, Minnesota on October 12, 2004
  • Florida

    Moved to Jacksonville, Florida for 3 months then moved back to minnesota
  • Arizona

    Moved to Gilbert, arizona
  • Club Soccer

    Club Soccer
    Barcelona 00 GirlsAmara started club soccer for the team Barcelona 00 Girls
  • Braces

    OrthodonticsGot braces summer bfore 7th grade
  • Junior HIgh

    Mesquite Junior HighWent to junior high at mesquite junior
  • Braces off

    Braces off
    OrthodonticsGot my braces off
  • Highschool

    Mesquite HighAmara's first day of highschhol
  • Highschool Soccer

    Highschool Soccer
    First day of highschool soccer
  • Kick for the Cure

    Won kick for the cure tournament two years in a row with her club team.