Mentor Timeline for CET 765

Timeline created by LynetteHeitz
  • Meet with Linda to discuss project

    Discussed with Linda Flaherty to objectives of the Mentor/Mentee project for CET 765
  • Discuss the direction of the mentor/mentee project

    Discussed which class to integrate technology.
  • Discuss what projects to implement into which English classes.

  • Make a decision on which topics to integrate into English classes.

  • Meeting 4-Discuss projects

  • Meeting 5-Discus and practice Photostory

  • Meeting 6 - Introduction to the using of Windows Journal

  • Meeting 7 - Decide which English class to implement Windows Journal

  • Meeting 8-Create Windows Journal for project

  • Meeting 9 - Practice Windows Journal project

  • Meeting 10-Present Windows Journal Project project

  • Meeting 11-Present Photostory project