12 historical film events

Timeline created by kc147095
  • first film

    first film
    the first motion picture film was made of a horse galloping
  • the first film camera

    the first film camera
    the first camera made for film was invented by George Eastman
  • first action film

    first action film
    the first action film was the great train robbery
  • first animated film

    first animated film
    the first animated film was created, it was called the humerous phases of funny faces
  • first movie stunt

    a man jumps into the hudson river from a burning ballon
  • the first comedy

    the first comedy
    the first comedy film was released and was called Tillie's Punctured Romance
  • Warner Bros.

    Warner Bros is made/established
  • first movie with sound

    the first movie with sound was created called the jazz singer
  • first color movie

    george eastman creates the first color picture
  • first color broadcast

    first tv broadcast with color
  • the godfather

    the godfather revolutionized dramas
  • toy story

    toy story revolutionized the animated film industry